2016 Beauty And Fashion Trends

The global fashion industry is ever changing and one trend will almost never stay too long at the top of that food chain. To compliment the chicest styles of the year, your hair and makeup would have to be on-point.

Last year was a great year for hair innovation. Simple and clean cuts such as the lob took the world by storm, and who could forget the classic elegance of the low bun? This year, however, the industry has been shaken up with more fun styles that people are experimenting with.

The same thing could be said about makeup. 2016 Is all about out with the old and in with the new. Some popular makeup trends would have to take the back seat to make space for this year’s hottest looks.

1. Rainbow Colours

Remember when Instagram was flooded with pictures of brightly coloured hair? The neon pinks, purples, blues and greens were dyed in a faded flair, with the hues becoming progressively more vivid from roots to tips. Although the colours are still very much in style, the placements have shifted. Instead of the faded trend, we are now favouring the under colour. It is subtler but gives a delightful surprise whenever the top layer of hair is lifted.

2. Lob

Hair stylists always say:” pick a style that suits your face shape”. We picked a style, and this style works on everyone. The lob absolutely dominated 2015 and we just can’t get enough of it. Come 2016 and we are still loving the cut, but it has really evolved and branched out to a variety of sub-styles. Our favourite is the messy curly lob. It gives a flashback to the ever popular beach waves (just in a shorter version). Either way, we think the lob will stay with us for a while longer.

3. From Low to High

For those you who did not have the courage last year to chop off your long hair for the lob, low ponies and low buns were your best friends. The styles were chic and elegant, but at the same time easy to accomplish. This year, however, it’s all about how high you can lift your hair. Gone are the soft lines and graceful curves. The industry is being taken over by the dramatic sky-high ponytails. Pair it with a slick sweepback and you are ready for those winter turtlenecks.

4. Puppy Eyes are the New Cat Eyes

If you asked us a year ago what is the eye makeup trend that will never fade, we would have told you the cat eye. It’s been in fashion since Ancient Egypt and we did not foresee it going away soon. That being said, the cat eye is now getting some serious competition from the KPop (Korean popular culture) inspired puppy dog eyes. This eye makeup look tends to create rounder, doe-like eyes that aims to make you look younger and more innocent. Pair this liner look with a glittery shadow (which is also so hot right now) for more glam.

5. Tone Down the Contouring

We all remember that infamous Kim K contour photo that got the world into a contour craze. The trend started on the face and extended to the rest if the body including neck, collar bones, chest, abs and for some girls even their bottoms. This year, however, the industry is urging for a more natural look. This means that the heavy contouring has got to go, instead we recommend partially contouring your face to accentuate one or two features.

6. Boldly Neutral Lips

Every fashion era has a few iconic lip shades that people remember by. 2015 Was a year for eccentric lip colours that most of us are too scared to actually wear on the streets. Colours like blue, black, lavender and glittery gold (Pat McGrath’s Gold 001 powder really is an industry legend) dominated the run way. This year though, the fashion industry seems to be looking in the direction of bold earthy colours. It would be a good idea to stock up on neutral pinks, beiges, and corals. While we are talking about lips, we should also mention that the overdrawn plump lips trend is fading away.

7. Pop Those Bubble Nails

Some of the craziest fashion trends last year were probably the bubble nail (it’s crazy because the process is tedious and the result not at all appealing) and the duck feet manicure. We are certainly glad those fads came and went quickly. This year we are seeing a comeback for the French manicure, but this time with a twist. Instead of the natural white tip, opt for an unexpected bright colour with a clean line. If you are looking for something simple, a plain dusky pastel nail polish should do the trick.

Although 2015 has had its ups and downs, there were many trends we hoped would stay with us for a while longer (the flip manicures were one of our favourite trends of all time). Nevertheless, 2016 has been a good year for the beauty industry and we look forward to more trends that will surely pop up in the months to follow.

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