3 Marketing Lessons from Leading Brands

During the industrial revolution, it was enough to build a quality product and customers would soon follow. But when the Model T started introducing variations to vehicles offered, customers suddenly had choices and competition ensued. According to the Atlantic, in the 1950s, consumer packaged goods companies like Procter and Gamble, General Foods and Unilever developed the discipline of brand management or modern day marketing. The brand manager was tasked with giving a product an identity that distinguished it from its indistinguishable competitors.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, small businesses can take cues from leading brands and brand managers who laid the path to success. Here are four marketing takeaways to make part of your next campaign.

Confront Rumors Head On

Successful businesses are prime targets for rumors and rampant misinformation. But you can confront the rumors head-on and take inspiration from a brand like Amway who handles it head-on. The business built their brand around independent business owners who want to take control of their own financial future and grow their own business. But the Amway business model has often been called into question and dubbed a pyramid scheme or scam.

Amway is the first to say they’re not perfect, but offer a proven business model based on sound ethical principles and works as a partnership. Today, Amway independent business owners span the globe from…

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