3 tools that will help you manage your money better

I was fortunate enough to attend the 2016 Canadian Personal Finance Conference (#CPFC16) in Toronto back in November. This two-day event featured some of Canada’s top personal finance influencers; bloggers, writers, speakers, disruptors, and commentators speaking on a variety of money related subjects. Presentation topics ranged from a discussion panel on Canada’s housing market to an 8-year-old tax whiz schooling us on the RRSP vs TFSA debate. The conference also provided an opportunity to check out some of the latest “fin-tech” offerings, products designed to help people manage their money better…and easier. Let’s take a look at three products designed to help you with your finances in three very different ways.

No. 1: Sensibill

Toronto-based Sensibill is on a mission to eliminate George Kostanza’s big wallet by changing the way we manage our receipts and invoices. In short, they want to make it paperless.

Sensibill is partnering with the banking industry to make it easy for you to store and retrieve your receipts online. Sensibill integrates their software into a banks existing web infrastructure to help them provide an easier, digital way for clients to manage their receipts. Customers can simply take a picture of a receipt with their smartphone and Sensibill’s technology will capture the receipt and automatically sort much of the information on it. It will recognize the vendor, value spent, and how much of the expenditure is price, tax,…

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