A Bachelor’s degree isn’t enough for Millennials to get hired: study

Despite the fact that millennials—and now Gen Z—are the generation of the side hustle (because most of us need to work three jobs at a time to survive), the myth of laziness persists. Millennials are forever being told that they’re unemployed because either they don’t work hard enough or they’re too entitled. But a new study has finally debunked that tired stereotype.

For a recent report published last week, the Conference Board of Canada reviewed salaries and hourly wages for new graduates and student-level employees. They also explored key considerations of organizations looking to hire new grads with “top talent.”

The results could lead you to draw a bunch of different conclusions about your future standing in the workforce.

For example, we know bachelor’s degrees have become more commonplace—and this study builds a strong case to suggest that they’ve also decreased in value. According to the CBoC’s findings, going back to school after your undergrad could give you a more competitive edge. They found that candidates with additional education or specialized training are generally favoured by Canadian companies, and that often translates to higher starting salaries than their less-decorated peers.

And the numbers don’t lie.

The average annual starting salary for a new-graduate employee with a bachelor’s degree hovers around $54,295. Compare that to a master’s degree, though, where the average annual starting salary climbs to…

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