Free Pack of Pampers Nappy Pants

Calling all parents, Pampers are giving away FREE packs of Pampers Nappy Pants!

Pampers are looking for 5,000 parents to join the very first Pamper Squad Project, to bust the myth that nappy pants are only suitable for toddler-age children. You (and your little one!) will try out the nappies for yourself and report your findings back on social media and with your friends and family.

Deadline: Apply before 14th March to claim your spot in the first Pampers Squad Project!

Are you ready to win the wriggle wrestle? If your little one loves to explore but hates staying still for nappy changes then…it’s time for the wriggle wrestle!


What’s Included

To help you win the wrestle:

1x Pampers active fit nappy pants pack (19 nappies in size 4)
1x Pampers Squad Guide

To help other fellow parents win too:

15x Pampers active fit nappy pants pack (2 nappies in size 4)
“Ask your friends” sheets to collect their opinions


How to Apply

If you’d like to take part in this trial, follow the link to the Pampers website. If you’re not a registered member of the Pampers Squad then you’ll need to sign up for that first (it won’t take long).

Apply to Join the Pampers Squad Now!


Project Goal

As a parent wrestler, it’s Pampers goal to bust the myth that nappy pants are only suitable for toddler-age children and share our findings by:

  • Testing: Try the nappies for ourselves and win the wriggle wrestle
  • Sharing with friends: Tell fellow parents how we won the wriggle…

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