Sell your shoes and turn a profit

Take this next step to a richer life: snap a picture of your old, worn shoes and list them on eBay.

Do this right, there are pounds to be bagged.  


Get a toe into this online marketplace 

You can bet your boots on this one: plenty of people are buying pre-loved shoes every day. There are more than one million completed sold listings of used shoes, and of these almost two-thirds were women’s shoes (so, men are shopping as well), and ordinary flats and oxfords make up most of the shoes listed. Right now a pair of Christian Louboutin boots is selling for $950, despite being “worn several times”.  

Those that sell the best aren’t the killer 18” platform heels that you would expect or even collector-item sneakers worn by a famous sports star. Rather (and this is how we know used shoes are the new crypto-currency for ordinary people like you and me), the most consistent sellers are practical shoes. Yes, the type that is worn in their thousands on trains and planes, and in similar thousands, discarded as having no real value after the fact. 

It’s not just those you see in mint condition in the charity shops that will sell well on eBay, anything that has a little bit of life left in it will be looked at. Thinking about that pile at the bottom of your cupboard? Read on. 


Who are the biggest buyers? 

Believe it or not, Baby Boomers. Yes, the first to be born with ready access to welfare should they need it in a free NHS hospital, and the first…

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