The shocking truth about Christmas “traditions”

So you’ve seen the supermarket ads with pictures of the ‘perfect’ family Christmas with the tree, the mounds of food, the crackers, the mistletoe, the presents and the ubiquitous Father Christmas.

You’re telling yourself, cynically, that these perfect Christmases don’t happen (domestic violence spikes markedly during the festive season) but still there’s a little voice that says this is the perfect Christmas and you wish you could have it.

We’re bombarded by images of what Christmas should be and hounded by retailers’ advertising to buy more and more.

Think of the kids…think of your work colleagues….think of the family…

It’s relentless!

So why is Christmas such a stressful and expensive time?

Why do we end up with a bunch of presents we don’t want, wishing we hadn’t spent so much on things no one else wanted either?

Why do you feel like you’re a net giver rather than receiver at this time of year?

Why does it all feel so….un-Christmassy?

…probably because most of it isn’t Christmas…isn’t Christian…isn’t to do with comfort and joy or goodwill to all men.

It’s either to do with money or pagan sacrifice.

Of course, if you are Christian you may feel you already know how to have a Christian Christmas.

But do you know just how much of what we consider to be a traditional ‘Christian’ Christmas – particularly most of the expensive side of it – has nothing to do with Christianity at all…in fact it’s either pagan or…

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