Travel Inspo: How to Travel The World Solo [Video]

I think that everyone should travel alone at some point in their life. Doesn’t matter if you are male, female, singled, married, old, or young. You should travel alone. Not only is it exhilarating and challenging but you also learn so much about yourself.

If you’re heading out for the first time alone, or simply thinking about it you may be wondering, is solo travel more expensive? Over the past two years, I’ve solo traveled to a ton of different countries so here are my best tips to help you save money when traveling alone.

No More Single Supplement Fees

In the past, when booking a group trip you would almost always see a single supplement fee if you were traveling alone. While this is not completely gone you are seeing it less and less. Big companies, like G Adventures and Intrepid Travel, are leading the way and beginning to drop these fees altogether. This is because of the steep rise of solo travel, and specifically female solo travel, in recent years. Many smaller companies are following suit and we have almost reached a point where these fees are a thing of the past.

Do be aware you may have to share a room with another traveler when taking these trips. But, the tour companies are doing a great job matching up like-minded solo travelers together so you can room with someone you are more comfortable with.

Cruise Lines Are Getting in The Solo Travel Game

Another great way to save money when traveling alone is by checking out cruise lines that cater…

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